1. Download templates.

Click here to download design templatesRectangle 85 x 55 (Ai/PDF file)
*Others size will be available soon.


1. Work in CMYK mode.

You must proceed in CMYK mode to work on a design for print.

Working in CMYK mode

Actual printed color
(worked with CMYK mode)

  • Colors may vary during the printing process when working in RGB mode.
  • For printing errors caused by working in RGB mode, it is difficult to proceed with re-production, so please check before uploading.

Working in RGB mode

Actual printed color
(worked with RGB mode)

2. Follow the guidelines.


Working area

Please fill in the design up to the working area in consideration of errors that may occur during cutting.

Cutting area

This is the actual product size.

Safe area

Please make sure to work inside the safe area for important information.

❗️ When making kraft, hologram, or transparent stickers, use [White Background]

If you do not want to proceed with white background, be sure to delete the “white” layer.

> Click the link to learn more about the White Background feature.



  • Fill the background up to the work area.


  • Since there may be a margin error during cutting, please work inside the safe area for important images and text that may be cut.

O All information must be within the safe zone.

O In the case of a design with a border, please insert it with room.

X Information cannot be on the edge.

X Do not leave the work area blank.

    3. When working with Illustrator, be sure to outline the font.

    • Non-outlined fonts may not print, or may be replaced with other fonts.

     General typeface
    Outlined typeface
    How to outline typeface


    4. When working with Illustrator, please check image embedding.

    • When using an image, the image must be included in the file to ensure safe printing.

    • Please note that if you do not include the image, it may be lost.
      How to embed images


        5. Delete empty layers, lines, shapes, and text except for design elements necessary for printing.


        [Adobe Illustrator] 
        [Adobe Photoshop]


        6. Uncheck overprint check box

        • Overprint is a method of overprinting ink. If set, overlapping colors may be printed differently from the design shown, or an error may occur during the printing process.

        X Overprint Checked: Colors may be printed differently or errors may occur

        O Uncheck Overprinted: Prints in visible colors without errors


          7. Rasterize clipping mask & effects 

          • Errors may occur when printing with effects such as clipping masks, transparency, gradient, and shadows.
          • Object > Rasterize > CMYK color mode, resolution of 300ppi or higher, and make it transparent to rasterize.