Crystal Clear Cake Box with Handle 8.2"

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"Are you ready to show off hours of your efforts?" Baking is hard. However, Bragging is easy, only if this modest cake box contains your masterpiece.

I heard that you are a creative baker!
Compared to other ordinary cake boxes, this has 1.5 inches of additional space on top. Therefore, you might be used to just single-frosting with shells, rosettes, swoops, and so on. However, with this cake box, the potential of your cake will be doubled up! For example, Frost again on the top! Pire on fresh strawberries! Putting rock candies or pocky sticks is totally fine! I am so enthusiastic to see how you will show off your creativity with our item :)

Wait! I forgot to mention this!
Don't forget to pipe the wall of your cake! 4 clear sides offer you a chance to design such as basketweave, chevron airbrushing, damask, cornelli, houndstooth, ombre, quatrefoil, ruffles, sweet dots, and petal dust. We just want to have an opportunity to cover your masterpiece transparently!


* A convenient handle for carrying.

* Not a set item. Here is the link to the Gold Cake Board 8"x 8"

* This box fits with 8" square or round cakes (birthday cake, angel food cake, cheese cake, carrot cake, black forest cake, red velvet cake)

* Extra protection for your cake and easy assemble.

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