Try adding white background for outstanding color.

(White background feature is available on kraft, hologram and clear material.)

[ Using White Background ]

After printing in white color, the design is printed on it to make the design more vivid. In the case of transparencies, the back side is exposed in white color.

[ Not Using White Background ]

Since the design is printed on the paper, the design is slightly projected and the characteristics of the paper are well expressed.


How to setup white background in Adobe Illustrator

1) Select the ‘print’ layer and work on the design you want. 

2) Select the ‘white’ layer and fill in the area you want to apply white printing with M100.
At this time, the white area must be in the same position as the design layer.
* The ‘white’ layer must consist of a vector, and a bitmap is not produced.

3) Eye mark activation and layer order should be done without changing the guide file.
When all work is done, select File > Save As to proceed with saving.
* Layer name change and layer not added

4) After selecting Format as PDF, Adobe PDF Preset [Illustrator Default] Check the three option items displayed.