"Would be not compulsory wearing face masks?" You Still Need Quality Masks. 

Verified KF94 Masks from Daon Medical in South Korea

Our KF94 Masks had been successfully verified with 6 critical criteria from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). The main criteria are strictly evaluated such as Shape and Measurement of KF94 standards, the Tensile Strength of Ear-string, Dust Collection Efficiency, Inhalation Pressure, and CO2 Concentration. 

Reliable and Comfortable Daily-Mask in Vancouver

Some of you already recognize that the package seems really familiar. Our KF94 masks have been distributed many Korean & Chinese retailers in Metro Vancouver during 2020-2021. The reason why the masks are on sale on online again is because many customers thankfully called us to re-purchase our masks. 

50 pcs20 pcs


Very Good Face Masks

I purchased many of these KF94 face masks, and have found them to be of very high quality and at a very good price. It has 4 layers of protection, and they fit the male members of my family perfectly. I, myself, just put a knot on the elastic to tighten the straps, and it's good to go! It provides great coverage and protection for the face. I would highly recommend them.

Margaret on Sep 19, 2021


Best Masks

We only wear these masks now. They are larger and cover more of the face and the material seems softer than other masks - no skin irritation! I hope you keep stocking these.

Rebecca on Oct 22, 2021

KF94 Masks Are The Perfect Alternatives, Even Better.