[ FREE SAMPLE ] Matte White Window Zipper Stand Up Pouch

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Why are consumers attracted to Matte-coated pouches?

Surface Protection:

Damages from fingerprints, liquid spills, strains, smudges, grease, dirt, grime are all relatively easy to clean.

Improving appearance:

Muted feeling, aka light and pastel colors are suitable. Modern, elegant, and sophisticated color gives professional look. Velvety texture provides best first impression for your customers. Contrast of darker colors is low so your sticker labels will extremely stand out.

When Your Pouches Are on Shelves Like:

The printed piece will be situated underneath store signage deflects any glare, making the pouches easier to glance at any angle.

Benefits of This Product:

Aluminum film improves the barrier against thermal, light, moisture. 

Inside Al film maintains product quality the best.

Tear notch helps opening sealed-pouch easier.

Zipper provides more times to reuse products inside.

Stand-up pouch offers convenience for displaying your products.

Various usages (Food grade) such as Tea leaves, Powdered mixes, Spices, Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Snacks, Bakery goods, Cookies, Pet treats, Pet Kibbles, and more.

Thickness: 6 mil


Inches - 5.9" × 8.7" x 3.1" & cm - 18 × 26 x 10

Window Size: inches - 1.8" & cm - 4.5

Inches - 7.1" × 10.2" x 3.9" & cm - 18 × 26 x 10

Window Size: inches - 2.3" & cm - 5.9

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