Clear Zipper 3-Side Seal Pouch

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Size: 16 × 25 (cm)
Quantity: 100pcs
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- Functions: Protective from moisture, air, and odour, and keeping product fresh.

- Features: Resealable Zipper and Tear Notches.

- Thickness: 4 mil.

- Usages (Food grade): Coffee beans, Tea leaves, Powdered mixes, Spices, Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Snacks, Bakery goods, Cookies, Pet treats, Pet Kibbles, Frozen foods, Fresh fruits & Vegetables, Detergent, Laundry pods, Soaps, Bath bombs, Organizer and more.

- Size: Width x Height + Opened Gusset

Size (cm)
Size (inch)
Box (pcs)
16 × 25
6.3 × 9.8
20 × 30
7.9 × 11.8

*Made in South KOREA

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